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The core values of Pahrump Community Church are:

• The Bible is our Authority
• Salvation is by faith in Christ alone
• Hope is found in Jesus Christ
• Everyone is valuable to God
• People are more important than programs or possessions

• Building strong families is a priority
• Spiritual growth is important for all believers
• All that we have belongs to God
• The Great Commission is our responsibility
• We love our community
• Unity in spirit, diversity in non-essentials 

What do we value? 

When you come to Pahrump Community Church,

you will find that:

• Our church family is warm and welcoming
• We have a mix of young, old and in-betweens

• We enjoy a blend of newer contemporary music

         and older traditional hymns

• We spend much time looking into the Bible

• We pray regularly for our town, our country, and our world

What are we like?