January 2021

  1/16 - Tempted… Without Sin, Part 2
     [Hebrews Series #40: Pastor D. Keith Walker]     
      Audio | Study Guide | Video

  1/9 - Tempted… Without Sin, Part 1
     [Hebrews Series #39: Pastor D. Keith Walker]     
      Audio | Study Guide | Video

  1/2 - Search the Scriptures
     [Pastor D. Keith Walker]
     First Service Audio First Service Video
        1. Why is the human supposed to be the higher life form when ALL they do is kill and destroy the beautiful planet God gave us?
        2. Who is the angel with great authority?
        3. When does a temptation become a sin? How far is too far?

     Second Service Audio Second Service Video

        1. What does the Bible mean when it says the seven spirits of God in Revelation 5:6?

        2. What is the proper translation of Revelation 13:16? Should it be "...marked ON the right hand..." (like ESV), or "...receive a mark IN their right hand..." (like KJV)?

        3. What does the Bible say about Blood transfusions? Leviticus 17:10-12.

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