Room 1

Pastor Caleb Walker

PCC Facebook

Mrs. Schnelzer

Basement Room 4

Age 3 - 1st Grade

Young Adults

Building D

Campus Map

Basement Room 2

Middle School

Mrs. Carrington

Building I

2 & 3 year olds

9:30 - 10:30 am

Children's Church

Parents (PEP)

1st - 2nd Grades

Building C

Mrs. Clasen

4 year olds - K

Basement Room 7

Room 4

Sunday School

Building G

We want to minister to your whole family!
​From the littlest ones up through our "Young Adults," PCC seeks
to offer everyone the hope and joy of knowing Christ,
​encouraging them in the faith, and enabling them for ministry. 

Building D

Room 2

Building G

Mrs. Self

PCC Youth Group Facebook

Services - MPB Nursery

Mrs. Hammond

Basement Room 5

Youth Group

Mrs. Wilson

3rd-5th Grades

Building G

Room 3

Thursdays from 6:00-8:00 pm

9:30 - Basement Nursery

Phil Barnes

Parents Encouraging

Room 3

Don Sutton

Building D

Additional Sunday Ministries

High School

Building D

Building G

Newborn - Age 2

Building D

Warriors for Christ


Adults (Various Studies)

Mr. and Mrs. Bell